Offload, AI & Optimize with Cloudflare Images


Offload your media library to Cloudflare Images and let it handle everything for you – store, resize, optimize and deliver images in the best possible format to your users.

Why Overpay for CDN Plugins?

With the avalanche of expensive plugins out there, it’s time to switch to a smarter choice. Why should you pay more for something that deserves to be free?

Simplify Your Image Management

Offload your media library to Cloudflare Images! Let our plugin take charge:

  • Store your images securely;
  • Resize images to perfection without any manual hassle;
  • Optimize them to ensure they load blazingly fast;
  • Deliver in the most user-friendly format, ensuring satisfaction at every user’s end.

But wait, there’s more!

Image CDN – deliver images from a global network of servers.
Image AI – tag, caption and generate new images using AI.
Compression – optimize JPEG/PNG images to decrease file size without compromising visual quality.

A Developer’s Promise

Born from personal need, this plugin represents a developer’s dedication to the community. While it’s still a work in progress, remember – it’s crafted with real user needs in mind, not profit.

Your Feedback Makes Us Better

Found a hiccup? Yearning for a feature? Just shoot us a support request. Our commitment is to continually evolve to serve you better. Your wish is our command!


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Special thanks to the plugin sponsors:


  • Plugin options and settings
  • Plugin AI modules
  • Quick and easy setup wizard


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard through the ‘Media – Offload Settings’ menu in WordPress
  4. Enjoy


How does this work?

The plugin will use the Cloudflare Images service to host all supported images and serve them with the best possible settings to the user.

Is this free?

Yes, the plugin is 100% free. A Cloudflare account with activated Cloudflare Images option is required.
Cloudflare may charge a fee for the use of this feature, depending on the plan used.

What are the supported image formats?

You can upload the following image formats to Cloudflare Images:
* WebP

Are there any other limitations?

These are the maximum allowed sizes and dimensions Cloudflare Images supports:

  • Images’ height and width are limited to 10,000 pixels.
  • Image metadata is limited to 1024 bytes.
  • Images have a 10 megabyte (MB) size limit.
  • Animated GIFs, including all frames, are limited to 100 megapixels (MP).

Why are not all images being replaced in content?

By default, the plugin relies on WordPress core functions to process images.
Some themes and plugins can implement their own image processing functions, which can prevent the plugin from replacing the image URLs in content. If you are experiencing this, try to enable the Parse page for images module in the plugin settings.
If something is still not working for you, please let me know by creating a support ticket on the plugin support forums.


January 22, 2024 3 replies
I installed and setup this plugin and CF images which was the first time using either and it was super smooth. I personally need the features talked about in the PRO version, like auto-deleting the file locally after upload, as my use case is saving server space. Currently, that is a manual step, which isn't feasible with 20k+ images. Otherwise, great stuff.
December 25, 2023 1 reply
Been using it for a while, offloading is great. Highly Recommended!
December 1, 2023 1 reply
Really wanted to like this as it seems to be the only plugin to get Cloudflare Images resizing working, but I've never gotten it to successfully communicate with Cloudflare and even with it's logs feature it's very very fussy and difficult to debug. It'll gladly act like your API key is valid when it isn't and look like it's processing but it isn't. Mine's stuck in a state of 8 images offloaded (really zero) and even the cloudflare global API key won't actually allow it to login. Really hope it gets improved because it's a great idea, but it's absolutely not turnkey
November 11, 2023 1 reply
The Cloudflare Images plugin has been a fantastic addition to my website management toolkit. It simplifies image handling remarkably, handling everything from storage to optimization. What really stands out is the developer's commitment to support and continuous improvement. It's refreshing to see a developer so responsive to user feedback, making this plugin not just a tool, but a reliable asset for any website owner. Kudos to the Anton for their exceptional work!
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1.8.0 – 16.02.2024

* Support for RSS feeds
* Auto crop option. If an image width matches the image height – auto crop the image.
* Use img width size. New option that allows using the img width attribute value for the image size, if the value is smaller than the requested image.
* Bulk remove files from the media library.
* Bulk restore files to the media library.

* Page parser will now add the wp-image-* class to images that do not have it
* Page parser not detecting images that have a custom title set in the media library

1.7.1 – 31.12.2023

* Fatal error on plugin uninstall
* Do not bulk offload SVG images
* Compatibility with Gutenberg Interactivity API
* Type error when fetching image hashes

1.7.0 – 03.12.2023

* Bunny CDN integration
* Service tools module – reset ignored images
* Custom URLs module – control your image links
* Track stats for images served via Cloudflare Images
* REST API integration module

* UI/UX improvements

* Notices getting injected into plugin navigation
* Do not expose internal methods to WP CLI commands
* WP CLI command only processing the first 10 images
* Auto resize feature using incorrect descriptors
* Page parser not replacing all images
* Expand on click functionality

1.6.0 – 12.11.2023

* Generate images with AI
* Logging module
* Images in media library can now be sorted by offload status
* Integration with ShortPixel
* Compatibility option to store credentials in the database

* Increase timeout to 15 seconds when offloading images

* Bulk processing stops if an image triggers an error during upload
* Settings resetting on update after using a beta version

1.5.1 – 28.10.2023

* Do not replace images on wp-admin if full offload module is disabled

1.5.0 – 27.10.2023

* New and improved React-based UI
* Image compression module: optimize the size of your media library images
* WP CLI support via the “wp cf-images” commands (bulk & individual offload)
* Compatibility with the “Enable Media Replace” plugin
* Option to bulk add image captions
* Allow viewing a page with original images, using a “?cf-images-disable=true” URL query

* The “Auto resize images on front-end” module has been refactored to prevent double loading of images

* Cropped image detection
* Compatibility with latest WordPress coding standards
* PHP warnings with page parser module on pages with no images
* Link for adding API key for AI module was not working

Full changelog.