WPKoi Templates for Elementor


WPKoi Templates for Elementor extends Elementor Template Library with WPKoi pages from the popular WPKoi Themes.

Extend Your favourit Elementor Page Builder plugin with some unique designs and import them with one click! You can import the WPKoi contents to any theme.

Check the Page Templates

How to use

Download the templates from Your admin and add it to Your templates
1. Find Your template at WPKoi Templates admin menu then click on the download button.
2. Upload it to Your templates with Elementor Library.
3. Replace the content and edit the template as You want!

Elements and Effects

Since the version 2.0 WPKoi Templates for Elementor plugin includes Elementor elements and effects also!

Free Element Effects
Advanced Heading
QR Code

Premium Element Effects
Parallax Section
Sticky Column
Advanced Accordion
Advanced Tabs
Animated Text
Call To Action
Circle Progress
Data Table
Filterable Gallery
Image Accordion
Image Comparison
Pricing Table
Team Member
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About premium version

WPKoi Templates for Elementor Premium has a little bit more page templates with some extra Elementor page builder elements. The extra elements are included in the WPKoi Templates for Elementor Premium so the free version of Elementor is enough to use them.

Check the premium templates

Important note

WPKoi Templates for Elementor uses 3rd party external service!

If You select a WPKoi template and want to insert to Your page, the json file with the Elementor content will be imported from WPKoi.com.
None of Your personal data will be stored on WPKoi.com after the template request. The content will be imported by the Elementor Page Builder plugin’s template library functions. After the process You can change or remove every imported contents.
About the Plugin
About WPKoi terms & conditions


WPKoi Templates for Elementor, Copyright (C) 2018, WPKoi Themes
WPKoi Templates for Elementor is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or
any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

WPKoi Templates for Elementor uses the following scripts and assets.

Copyright 2014 Fengyuan Chen
Released under the MIT license

Copyright 2020 Sandoche ADITTANE
Released under the MIT license

UIkit 2.27.5 + parallax
Copyright 2014 YOOtheme
Released under the MIT license

Copyright jeromeetienne
Released under the MIT License


  • Scroll down to WPKoi Templates
  • Check the demo
  • Add to Your page


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

How to Install

Important: this plugin is an addon for Elementor. Make sure that Elementor is installed.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wpkoi-templates-for-elementor directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.


What do i need to use WPKoi Templates for Elementor?

WPKoi Templates for Elementor doesn’t work without Elementor Page Builder plugin.
If You want to import a contact page, it is also recommended to install Contact Form 7 plugin before.

Does it work with any theme?

Yes it does work with all Elementor compatible themes! However the themes have different styles, so maybe You have to make some little changes in the imported designs.
If You want to reach the perfect appearance, use WPKoi themes. They have the same header and footer styles like the templates.
Find the WPKoi themes at wpkoi.com or here at the WordPress repo.

The contact form doesn’t appear. What should i do?

The contact forms on the contact page templates builded with Contact Form 7 plugin.
If You want to use the same contact form on Your site like in the demos, add the CF7 plugin before insert contact page content.

You can download the same form from here.
Click on the link and save the xml content than import it with the WordPress importer in Your admin at Tools-> Import -> WordPress

After that setup the WPKoi contact form in the Contact menu.

Is there a Premium version for WPKoi Templates for Elementor?

Yes. The premium version gives You some more templates and extend the page builder features with some extra elements and effects.
Read more at the Plugin page


January 5, 2023
I wasn't a big fan of Elementor until I found WPKoi's themes and plugins. These great templates will work out-of-the-box even with the free version of Elementor, without any limitation. I just had the chance to try WPKoi Templates along with one of your free themes. Your work is truly outstanding, putting at hand an endless well of free-flowing creativity for us, webmasters! People of Earth: you should definitely take a look at this plugin and the WPKoi themes. Hint: read the theme's doc to quickly get going. MY FULL REVIEW IN FRENCH WPKoi (une boîte hongroise) produit de magnifiques thèmes WordPress hautement distinctifs, franchement audacieux et stylés, avec une facture visuelle unique. Chaque thème proposé combine de façon créative polices de caractères, images et couleurs vives ou contrastantes pour créer un site Web qui se démarque et qui de la personnalité. – Tous les thèmes WPKoi sont disponibles en version gratuite (et 100% fonctionnelle) sur WordPress.org– Les thèmes sont basés sur Elementor, et des modèles (templates) sur mesure sont fournis via l’extension WP “WPKoi Templates for Elementor” (aussi disponible gratuitement, fonctionnant parfaitement avec la version gratuite d’Elementor)– Tous les thèmes s’intègrent nativement avec WooCommerce, vous permettant de créer une boutique en ligne qui a de la gueule !– Abordable, l’achat de la mouture « développeur » (Premium) d’un thème (ou de l’extension) inclut les mises à jour à perpétuité (vous ne payez qu’une seule fois — pas de renouvellement annuel comme c’est « de coutume » avec les thèmes WordPress payants !) Comme quoi y’a moyen de faire un site qui torche à 0$ !
May 14, 2022
I have been using these templates Since 2019. I try other templates, but when I get in the mindset to have my website have personality and be memorable I always come back to WPKoi Templates.
April 3, 2022
I love all these templates made with my favorite builder Elementor ! They inspire me so much ! The colors are bright and welcoming (not for all purposes I agree).
March 11, 2022
Daniel is great ! I had some issues and he answered me soooo fast ! Amazing support ! I'm still building my website so I can't tell much more... But for now support is awesome ! Thanks 🙂
January 8, 2022
I was looking for some special themes - and I think I found the best ones out there. Also I got great support when experiencing some minor problems with installing the templates. Issue was solved within a few hours! Thanks a lot for this template!
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Contributors & Developers

“WPKoi Templates for Elementor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release date 09.14.2023
– Added Upamana Free, Gudha Free, Charana Free, Nabhi Free


Release date 06.29.2023
– Added Manolaya Free, Sadhu Free, Tapana Free, Nigamana Free


Release date 04.20.2023
– Added Mukta Free, Bhuta Free, Pinaka Free, Harsha Free


Release date 02.22.2023
– Added Mahan Free, Jalpa Free, Tejas Free


Release date 01.14.2023
– Fixed: Deprecated note at Elementor 3.10


Release date 12.10.2022
– Added Martanda Free, Dorje Free, Tarana Free


Release date 08.24.2022
– Added Sabda Free, Parama Free, Marga Free, Bhavana Free


Release date 06.18.2022
– Added Ekata Free, Ganapati Free, Maitri Free, Jagat Free


Release date 04.14.2022
– Added Jihva Free, Bhakti Free, Phala Free, Mardava Free


Release date 02.10.2022
– Added Manas Free, Prakasa Free, Gotra Free, Makara Free


Release date 12.22.2021
– Added Itara Free, Nidra Free, Sundara Free, Adarsa Free
– Fixed: import with template library at Elementor 3.5
– Fixed: listing templates with better description


Release date 11.08.2021
– Added Daiva Free, Pandita Free, Samana Free, Adarsa Free


Release date 09.04.2021
– Added Daksha Free, Neela Free (new) templates
– Fixed: element rotate function


Release date 08.22.2021
– Added Omkara Free, Sakti Free, Mahatma Free templates
– Added: performance improvements, extra widget scripts are only loaded on the frontend, if they active
– Added: extra options for advanced heading element
– Added: extra options for countdown element


Release date 07.05.2021
– Added Havan Free, Madhura Free, Ishta Free templates


Release date 06.09.2021
– Added Agni Free, Sukha Free templates


Release date 05.20.2021
– Added Isvara Free, Shudra Free templates


Release date 04.22.2021
* Removed: import function directly from template library


Release date 04.15.2021
* Fixed: compatibility fixes for Elementor 3.2 (deprecated schemes)
* Fixed: sanitized options in the HTML Tags


Release date 03.26.2021
– Added Purusha Free, Ashram Free templates


Release date 01.08.2021
– Added Kalidasa Free, Vajra Free templates


Release date 10.24.2020
– Added Kalaratri Free, Durvasa Free templates


Release date 07.12.2020
– Added Moksa Free, Dhyana Free templates
* Some little CSS fixes


Release date 06.06.2020
* Fixed: Mobile overflow at effected elements


Added template, 05.26.2020
– Aditi Free, Skanda Free


Added template, 03.27.2020
– Pushan Free


Release date 02.16.2020
* Fixed: Advanced heading compatibility with Elementor 2.9
* Added: Warning, if You use another version of Elements.


Release date 02.05.2020
* New: templates are downloadable from the WP admin
* New: added free elements and effects
* New: turn off/on elements for better performance
* Fixed: icon compatibility with Font Awesome 5


Added template, 11.08.2019
– Manasa Free
– Narmada Free


Added template, 09.26.2019
– Varuna Free


Added template, 08.30.2019
– Samudra Free


Added templates, 07.31.2019
– Lalita Free
– Mallanna Free
– Neela Free


Added templates, 07.06.2019
– Karna Free
– Manda Free


Added templates, 06.23.2019
– Mhalsa Free
– Vikata Free


Added templates, 05.24.2019
– Sukra Free
– Ambika Free
– Aravan Free (Changed Aruna)


Added templates, 05.13.2019
– Bhaga Free
– Matangi Free
– Aruna Free (Changed Arjuna)


Added templates, 04.25.2019
– Yamuna Free
– Garuda Free
– Arjuna Free


Added templates, 03.27.2019
– Jumadi Free
– Kalki Free
– Dhara Free


Added templates, 03.08.2019
– Valmiki Free
– Ganga Free
– Durga Free
– Mohini Free
– Tulsi Free
– Kurma Free
– Parvati Free
– Shesha Free
– Lingam Free
– Nandi Free
– Vishnu Free
– Gayatri Free
– Chandi Free
– Indra Free
– Asura Free
– Kubera Free


Modified: Readme file


  • Initial release