Store Toolkit for WooCommerce


Store Toolkit for WooCommerce includes a growing set of commonly-used WooCommerce administration tools aimed at store owners, web developers, and store maintainers.


Features include:

WooCommerce maintainence/debugging tools

  • Re-link rogue Products to the Simple Product Type
  • Delete corrupt Variations
  • Refresh Product Transients
  • Auto-complete Orders with 0 totals
  • Unlock the Edit Product screen for Product Variations
  • All in One SEO Pack integration for Products
  • Show Order custom Post meta from the Edit Order screen
  • Show Order Items custom Post meta on the Edit Order screen
  • Show Refund custom Post meta on the Edit Order screen
  • Show Subscription custom Post meta box on the Edit Subscription screen
  • Show Product custom Post meta box on the Edit Product screen
  • Show Coupon custom Post meta box on the Edit Coupon screen
  • Show Product Category custom Term meta box on the Edit Category screen
  • Show custom User meta box on the Edit User screen
  • Show Event custom Post meta box on the Edit Ticket screen
  • Show Booking custom Post meta box on the Edit Booking screen
  • Show Membership Plan custom Post meta box on the Edit Membership Plan screen
  • Show User Membership custom Post meta box on the Edit User Membership Plan screen
  • List of all registered WordPress Image Sizes on WooCommerce > System Status screen
  • View and manage existing Orders of customers from the User Profile screen
  • View number of Orders linked to each User from the Users screen
  • Filter Orders by Billing Country from the Orders screen
  • Filter Orders by Shipping Country from the Orders screen
  • Filter Orders by Payment Method from the Orders screen
  • WP-CLI support for limitless nukes

Nuke support for clearing WooCommerce store records

  • Products
  • Variations
  • Product Categories
  • Product Tags
  • Product Brands
  • Product Vendors
  • Product Images
  • Product Attributes
  • WooCommerce Logs
  • Orders
  • Order Items
  • Tax Rates
  • Download Permissions
  • Coupons
  • Shipping Classes
  • WooCommerce Logs
  • Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Delete Products by Product Status
  • Delete Products by Product Category
  • Delete Orders by Order Status
  • Delete Orders by Order Date
  • Bulk permanently Delete Products from the Edit Products screen

Nuke support for clearing WordPress records

  • Posts
  • Post Categories
  • Post Tags
  • Links
  • Comments
  • Media: Images

If you find yourself in the situation where you need to start over with a fresh installation of WooCommerce then a ‘nuke’ will do the job.

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For more information visit:


  1. Open WooCommerce > Store Toolkit
  2. Select which WooCommerce details you would like to remove and click Nuke



If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please open a topic here on, open a new Support topic.

Reporting security issues

If you are here to report any sort of security issue with this Plugin please use this Report a Plugin vulnerability form.


It is not responsible for any harm or wrong doing this Plugin may cause. Users are fully responsible for their own use. This Plugin is to be used WITHOUT warranty.


  • The Store Toolkit overview screen.
  • The Nuke WooCommerce screen with 'nuke' options.
  • Additional 'nuke' options for WordPress details.


  1. Upload the folder ‘woocommerce-store-toolkit’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate ‘Store Toolkit for WooCommerce’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

That’s it!


Where can I request new features?

You can vote on and request new features and extensions here on, open a new Support topic.

Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

Bugs can be reported here on, see the Reporting security issues section below for how to report security issues.


July 21, 2023
One day I woke up to find 40,000 orders with payment pending, and more being created every second. After deactivating the responsible plugin, the next step was to clean up the orders. Just when I felt I needed a coffee to think through the steps and the SQL commands, I chanced upon this plugin that worked flawlessly. Many thanks to the team behind it!
November 23, 2022
This plugin does the job, needed to clear WooCommerce orders an products. Works great!
November 24, 2021 1 reply
I've been using this plugin for years, and, if it didn't exist, I'd probably have to create it at least for my main uses - looking up custom field data on Users, Products, and Orders. I'll note that on a site with 150,000 customers and extensive custom user data, the plugin greatly slows down the backend, especially when opening up /wp-admin/users.php. I've had to resort to activating the plugin only when debugging particular issues, and have to remind myself to de-activate it every time I'm done with whichever particular task, to avoid inconveniencing other people working on the site (and to avoid inconveniencing myself if I forget it's on). So, in short, a simple on/off button at least, maybe some work on speeding things up, would be welcome, but I wouldn't hold this issue against the developers of such a useful free plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“Store Toolkit for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK to the latest version


  • Fixed: Check for undefined Constant during Plugin activation


  • Added: Sanitize GET, POST and REQUEST inputs
  • Added: Escape outputs


  • Added: Sanitize GET, POST and REQUEST inputs
  • Added: Escape outputs


  • Added: Sanitize GET, POST and REQUEST inputs
  • Added: Escape outputs
  • Added: Scheduled Imports Post meta box


  • Changed: Opt-in Freemius Plugin usage monitoring


  • Fixed PHP 8 issue in Product nuke (thanks @webshaun)
  • Fixed PHP 8 deprecation notice (thanks @martin_bailey)


  • Fixed: Sanitize GET and POST form attributes (thanks for reporting)


  • Added: Delete Products by Product Status
  • Added: Setting option to show/hide Delete Permanently Product button and menu item (thanks @eftcolumbus)
  • Added: Opt-in Freemius Plugin usage monitoring


  • Fixed: Delete Orders by Order Date empty order_item & order_itemmeta tables
  • Fixed: Delete Orders by Order Status not working
  • Added: Order_Item_ID to Order page


  • Fixed: Compatibility with Sequential Order Numbers Pro (thanks @careyrob)


  • Fixed: Revised PHP error expanding Objects (thanks @pomegranate)


  • Changed: Generic templates for Post, Term, Order Item and User meta boxes
  • Fixed: PHP error expanding Objects (thanks @pomegranate)
  • Fixed: Broken link to Nuke CRON documentation
  • Added: Unlock Related Orders meta box option to WooCommerce > Store Toolkit > Tools
  • Changed: Plugin title to comply with WooCommerce trademark requirement


  • Added: WordPress Action to allow developers to extend individual nuke types


  • Fixed: Fatal PHP error on Edit User screen where Classes are serialized as custom User meta (thanks Pavle)
  • Fixed: PHP warning notice on Users screen where no Orders are returned for a User (thanks Michael)


  • Added: Post Types screen to Store Toolkit (thanks Rob)
  • Added: Custom Post meta to the Advanced Custom Fields Group Field screen (thanks Rob)
  • Fixed: Custom Term meta not showing on Edit Category, Edit Tag, Edit Brand screens (thanks Xavier)
  • Added: Actions column to Edit Category, Edit Tag and Edit Brand Term meta tables
  • Added: User ID column to Orders screen
  • Added: Generate sample Orders
  • Fixed: Nuking Orders would result in only 100 removed


  • Fixed: Delete Products by Category ignoring filter (thanks Rene)


  • Fixed: Date format incorrect on Edit User/Edit Profile screen (thanks Francisco)


  • Added: Validation to the Delete Products by Product Category section
  • Added: Validation to the Delete Orders by Order Status section
  • Fixed: Do not filter deleted Orders by date if not selected (thanks @cleverpixel)
  • Changed: Moved Javascript from inline to toolkit.js
  • Added: Confirmation popup for filter nukes (thanks @alucard001)


  • Added: Pagination to the User Orders page of the My Profile screen (thanks Michael)
  • Changed: Re-added Remove buttons to individual nuke filters (thanks @onlineatwork)


  • Fixed: Fatal PHP error on older PHP sites


  • Added: Tool to delete obviously corrupt Variations (thanks Rupesh)


  • Added: Delete Orders by Order Date (thanks @cleverpixel and @coryinthelou)


  • Added: Refunds Post meta to the Edit Order screen (thanks Lawrence)


  • Added: Nuke WooCommerce logs
  • Added: WP-CLI support for tactical nukes


  • Added: Export button support to the Profile/Edit User screen
  • Added: Custom Post meta for WooCommerce Subscriptions


  • Added: Category heirachy detail to Edit Category screen
  • Added: Category heirachy depth to Edit Category screen
  • Added: Export button support for EPO details within the Edit Order screen


  • Changed: Styling of Post meta meta boxes to striped
  • Added: Actions button support to Orders, Order Items, Coupons, Products
  • Added: Custom Post meta to Export Template CPT


  • Fixed: Really fixed Order nuking getting stuck at 10 for some users


  • Fixed: Order nuking getting stuck at 10 for some users
  • Added: wp_cache_delete() to try and force Post count refreshes
  • Added debug_log() for spotting permanent nuke loops


  • Added: WooCommerce Memberships support


  • Fixed: Dashboard crashing when WooCommerce is deactivated
  • Fixed: PHP warnings on User detail screen
  • Added: WOO_ST_DEBUG for controlling debug notices
  • Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility


  • Fixed: Performance issue on Sales Summary widget refreshing every screenload
  • Added: Refresh Store Sales Summary Transient counts hourly
  • Added: Add custom Product meta to Store Exporter Deluxe via Edit Product screen (thanks Stephen)


  • Added: Additional WordPress Filters
  • Fixed: Save changes on Tools screen not working
  • Added: Attachment meta box


  • Added: WordPress Filters for supporting tactical nukes (thanks Peter)
  • Added: Migrated to WP_Query over get_posts for Order nukes


  • Added: Permanent loop detection for failed nukes
  • Added: Sales Summary Dashboard widget
  • Added: Nuke Store Exports
  • Added: Stopwatch to Admin footer


  • Added: Filter Orders by Billing Country to Orders screen
  • Added: Filter Orders by Shipping Country to Orders screen
  • Added: Filter Orders by Payment method to Orders screen
  • Added: WordPress Filters to toggle new Order filters
  • Added: Stopwatch to WordPress Administration screens
  • Added: CRON nuke engine for automated nuking


  • Added: WooCommerce Right Now Dashboard Widget
  • Added: Orders column to Users screen
  • Added: User Orders dialog to User Detail screen
  • Fixed: Delete Orders by Order Status


  • Added: Image Sizes section to WooCommerce > System Status


  • Added: Generate Sample Products
  • Added: Product Name template for Generate Sample Products
  • Added: SKU template for Generate Sample Products
  • Added: Short description template for Generate Sample Products
  • Added: Description template for Generate Sample Products
  • Added: Nuke Shipping Classes


  • Added: Reset Product Transients to Tools screen


  • Added: Booking mta box support for WooCommerce Bookings


  • Added: Unlock the Edit Product screen for Product Variations


  • Added: Event meta box support for WooCommerce Events


  • Fixed: Privilege escalation vulnerability (thanks jamesgol)


  • Fixed: Privilege escalation vulnerability (thanks panVagenas)
  • Added: Remove WooCommerce Product Transients


  • Fixed: Attributes screen not updating after Attribute nuke
  • Fixed: Delete WooCommerce Attribute Transient
  • Fixed: Delete WooCommerce Featured Products Transient


  • Added: WordPress Filter for overriding the default product_brand Term Taxonomy


  • Added: Nuke support for Advanced Google Product Feed


  • Fixed: Attribute nuke skipping Terms
  • Added: Auto-complete Orders with 0 totals


  • Added: Subscription Post meta box to Subscription Edit screen
  • Added: User Post meta box to User Edit screen
  • Added: translation support
  • Fixed: Order nuke skipping Terms


  • Fixed: add_query_arg() usage in Plugin
  • Added: Permanently Delete Products from Edit Products screen


  • Added: Delete Download Permissions on Orders nuked


  • Fixed: Taxonomy detection prior to counts
  • Added: Custom Post meta box to Product Variation Edit screen


  • Added: Tools tab for non-nuke actions
  • Added: Re-link rogue Products to Simple Product Type
  • Fixed: Common white screen and 500 Internal Server Error notices
  • Added: Explanation of nuke process while nuking
  • Added: Retry notice after nuke fails mid-nuke


  • Added: Product Brands support


  • Added: User capability check ‘manage_options’ for Meta boxes


  • Added: Custom User meta box to Edit User


  • Changed: Renamed mislabeled Category Term meta
  • Fixed: PHP warning on image nuke


  • Changed: Renamed meta box template files
  • Fixed: Nuke Product Images when no Products exist
  • Added: Coupon Post meta to Add/Edit Coupon screen
  • Added: Category Term meta to Edit Category screen


  • Fixed: Delete both product and product_variation Post Types
  • Fixed: Delete Orders in WooCommerce 2.2+
  • Fixed: Remove Terms linked to Products


  • Fixed: WooCommerce 2.2+ compatibility


  • Added: Support for nuking all images within WordPress Media


  • Fixed: Reduced memory usage when bulk deleting large catalogues


  • Added: Order Meta widget on Orders screen
  • Added: Order Cart Item widget on Orders screen


  • Fixed: Missing icon
  • Changed: Layout styling of descriptions on Nuke screen
  • Added: Screenshots to Plugin page


  • Changed: Plugin description
  • Fixed: Updated URL for WooCommerce Plugin News widget


  • Changed: Removed woo_admin_is_valid_icon
  • Changed: Using default WooCommerce icons


  • Added: Select All options to Nuke


  • Fixed: Coupons removal


  • Added: Per-Category Product nuking
  • Added: Tabs support
  • Changed: Removed Tools menu reference


  • Added: Store Toolkit menu item under WooCommerce


  • Added: Attributes support


  • Changed: Cleaned up markup
  • Added: Remove WooCommerce term details when removing Categories


  • Fixed: Dashboard widget URL out of date


  • Added: Delete Products, Product Categories, Tags and Orders
  • Added: First working release of the Plugin