WooCommerce Order Cancellation / Return


Transform your WooCommerce store’s customer service with the WooCommerce Order Cancellation / Return plugin. This powerful tool enables users to request order cancellations and returns with ease. Admins have full control to approve or reject these requests, ensuring smooth and effective management.

Key features include:

  • Request Order Cancellations and Returns: Customers can easily initiate cancellation and return requests directly from their account.
  • Admin Approval: Admins can approve or reject cancellation and return requests, providing clear reasons for their decisions.
  • Order Status Control: Customize which order statuses are eligible for cancellations and returns.
  • Time Limits: Set specific time frames within which customers can request cancellations or returns.
  • Reason Selection: Offer multiple predefined reasons for cancellation and return requests, or allow customers to enter their own custom reason.


Order Cancellation

  • Customer Requests: Allows customers to request cancellations for their orders.
  • Admin Approval: Admins can approve or reject cancellation requests.
  • Status Control: Select which order statuses are eligible for cancellations.
  • Reason Options: Provide multiple reasons or allow custom reasons for cancellations.

Request for Order Return

  • Customer Requests: Enables customers to request returns for their orders.
  • Admin Approval: Admins can approve or reject return requests.
  • Status Control: Choose which order statuses allow return requests.
  • Reason Options: Offer multiple reasons or custom reasons for return requests.

Order Reordering:

  • Quick Reorders: Enable customers to reorder past orders with a single click.

Admin Controls:

  • Full Control: Manage settings and return requests from the admin panel.

Additional Notes

  • WooCommerce must be installed and activated for this plugin to work.
  • Always back up your WordPress site before installing new plugins to avoid any issues.



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-order-cancellation-return directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the Settings->WooCommerce->Orders screen to configure the plugin to your liking.


Q: Can customers cancel any order?

A: Customers can cancel orders that have not been processed or shipped, based on the settings configured by the admin.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times a customer can initiate a return?

A: Yes, customers can request a return for each order only once.

Q: Can guests use the plugin features?

A: Yes, both registered users and guests can cancel and return their orders using the plugin.

Q: How do admins manage return requests?

A: Admins can manage return requests from the WooCommerce Orders screen, where they can approve or reject requests and provide custom reasons.

Q: Will customers be notified about the status of their return requests?

A: Yes, customers will receive email notifications about the approval or rejection of their return requests.

Q: Can the cancellation and return reasons be customized?

A: Yes, admins can set multiple reasons for cancellation and return requests, or allow customers to provide a custom reason.

Q: How does the reordering feature work?

A: The reordering feature allows customers to reorder past orders with a single click, making repeat purchases quick and easy.


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