Ultimate Carousel For Divi


4 divi carousel modules to meet all your website requirements. No programming experience needed. The ultimate divi carousel plugin.

Versatile carousel settings & styling controls. Make every carousel unique.

Image Card Divi Carousel Module

Manually create image carousel cards by entering title, description, image and button url.

Refer to our detailed guide for more information https://wptools.app/how-to/create-image-carousel-in-divi/

Post Type Divi Carousel Module

Create a carousel on divi page using data from a custom post type entries.

Refer to our detailed guide for more information https://wptools.app/how-to/create-post-type-carousel-in-divi/

Taxonomy Divi Carousel Module

Create a carousel on divi page using data from taxonomy terms.

Refer to our detailed guide for more information https://wptools.app/how-to/create-taxonomy-image-carousel-in-divi/

WooCommerce Product Divi Carousel Module

Create a carousel on a divi page for WooCommerce products.

Refer to our detailed guide for more information https://wptools.app/how-to/create-woocommerce-product-carousel-in-divi/

Carousel Settings

Make the carousel work that way you want.

Carousel Styling Controls

Style each design elements of the carousel from within the divi carousel module.

Free Plugin Functionality

Plugin hosted on wordpress.org has the following featured.

  • Limited set of carousel setting options.
  • Ability to setup data for image, post type, taxonomy and product carousels.
  • No styling options.

Premium Plugin

We offer a premium plugin at https://wptools.app/wordpress-plugin/ultimate-divi-carousel-for-image-post-type-taxonomy-woocommerce/

It offers features missing in the free version.


  • "Image Card Carousel" Divi Module On Visual Builder
  • "WooCommerce Product Carousel" Divi Module On Visual Builder
  • "Post Type Carousel" Divi Module On Visual Builder
  • "Taxonomy Carousel" Divi Module On Visual Builder


How to install the Ultimate Carousel For Divi plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload ultimate-carousel-for-divi folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Does it work with theme Extra ?

Yes, it does.

Do you have a premium version ?

Yes, we do. Please visit https://wptools.app/wordpress-plugin/ultimate-divi-carousel-for-image-post-type-taxonomy-woocommerce/


June 5, 2022
Disclaimer: I haven't used the free version, so I can't really review that. Howevver, the premium version is extremely simple to use, yet a very powerful plugin. Plenty of options and so flexible. I'm really glad I found this plugin. There are a few others that do the same thing. I've tried them and this Ultimate Carousel for Divi is the best I've found for filtering my custom post types and taxonomies. Really easy to use and get going.
February 20, 2022
I use it on many of my client websites. It works perfectly for what I need. Premium version has additional functionality for those who want it
January 11, 2022
This is just an advertisement for a paid plugin. Without responsiveness it is not usable. I don't understand why, in this version, it is available in the repository.
November 29, 2021 2 replies
The plugin led me to think it was a 7-day trial, but it doesn't seem to be. However, the customization options are very limited, at least in the free version. Other plugins give more options.
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Contributors & Developers

“Ultimate Carousel For Divi” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added uc_carousel_nav_button_html filter to change nav button html.


  • Equal height issue. Divi module default css adding margin bottom. Removed it.
  • Bottom navigation arrow css transform adding extra space. Removed.
  • Image carousel. Text wrapper removed to items without title/description and button.


  • Fixed issue with taxonomies query for post type and taxonomy carousel.


  • Composer compatible with php 7.2.0


  • Upgraded freemius to 2.4.3
  • WordPress 5.9.1 compatible


  • Added filters for post type & taxonomy carousel’s image, title, description
  • post type hooks – uc_post_type_item_title, uc_post_type_item_content and uc_post_type_item_image_url
  • taxonomy terms carousel item hooks – uc_term_item_name, uc_term_item_image_url and uc_term_item_description


  • Fixed javascript bug which caused the module to fail on the divi builder


  • Image Card Carousel, Post Type Carousel, Taxonomy Carousel & WooCommerce Product Carousel has settings to make entire content clickable when button is disabled. Additional settings related to it in respective divi modules.


  • Added udc_after_woo_product_title filter
  • When Woo product carousel card button isn’t present, card becomes clickable.


  • Fixed issue with arrow nav color.


  • Added WooCommerce Product Carousel Divi Module
  • Finalized for released on wordpress.org


  • Added Taxonomy Carousel Divi Module


  • Added “Post Type” Carousel Divi Module


  • Added Image Card Carousel Divi Module