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The easiest and fastest WooCommerce travel & hotel management by Tourfic | Build Your own travel agency website like Agoda, Airbnb,

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Tourfic is fully powered by WooCommerce, you can easily manage all your online Booking system along with order system and any payment of WooCommerce. Allow visitors to register account and booking online. To be precise, you can easily develop a website similar to, Agoda,, Airbnb etc in no time with the help of Tourfic. This All-in-One Travel Booking plugin consists almost all the basic to advanced options which you may need for your WordPress based Travel website:

Hotel Booking & Management System

  • Add Unlimited Hotels
  • Add Unlimited Rooms (Up to 5 on Free Version)
  • Set room price by persons (Adult, Children) or by per room
  • Hotel Gallery, features, FAQs, T&C, etc
  • Room gallery and features
  • Dedicated hotel review system
  • Room availability check based on Ajax
  • Hotel wishlist functionality
  • Hotel Video (Pro)
  • Set room availability based on the date (Pro)
  • Set room price based on the date (Pro)
  • Set room number based on the date (Pro)
  • Hotel Listing with Google Map Integration (Pro)

Tour Listing & Booking System

  • Add Unlimited Tours
  • Tour Gallery, , features, include/exclude, itinerary, FAQs, T&C, etc
  • Tour video (Pro)
  • Set Tour Price by persons (Adult, Children, Infant) or group
  • Dedicated Tour review system
  • Tour wishlist functionality
  • Set tour availability for year-long or specific dates (Pro) or date ranges (Pro)
  • Set tour price globally or based on dates (Pro)
  • Set minimum/maximum person restrictions globally or based on dates (Pro)
  • Set tour time with dates (Pro)
  • Add extra services with tours (Pro)
  • Set minimum days before restrictions on tours booking (Pro)

Multi-Vendor Functions (Pro)

  • Vendors can add unlimited hotels and tours with all the fields (Pro)
  • Vendors have dedicated order details pages (Pro)
  • Dedicated login and registration system for vendors (Pro)
  • Enable/disable specific vendors (Pro)
  • Email verification for vendors (Pro)
  • Frontend Dashboard for Vendors (Coming soon on Pro)

Search Function

  • Separate or combined search box for hotels and tours
  • Ajax-based search box for hotels and tours
  • Ajax-based filter system


  • Wishlist for hotels and tours
  • Wishlist page
  • Wishlist for logged in and log out users (Pro)

Review System

  • Review System for hotels and tours
  • Enable/disable review
  • Change review fields
  • Delete old review fields
  • Review for logged in and log out users (Pro)

Available Shortcodes & Elementor Widgets

  • Hotel Locations
  • Tour Destinations
  • Recent Hotel Slider
  • Recent Tour Slider
  • Search Form (Horizontal)
  • Search Result
  • Wishlist
  • Login Form (Pro)
  • Registration Form (Pro)

Booking data on Dashboard for Hotel/Tour

  • Order ID
  • Customer Details
  • Order Details
  • Order Date
  • Total Price
  • Status
  • Payment Method

Demo Link

Check out the demo to see it in action!

Tourfic is the ultimate WordPress tour management plugin for hotel booking, tour operator and travel agency websites. It is designed to build your own professional tour operator website or travel agency website where you can efficiently list your hotels and resorts for booking along with receiving payments for each booking.

Pro Version

We believe the free version is good enough for most business. However, we have a Pro version of this plugin which has more advanced features as mentioned above.

Buy Tourfic Pro

How to create a Hotel Booking Website with WooCommerce & Tourfic:

How to create a Travel & Tour Booking Website with WooCommerce & Tourfic:

With Tourfic, You can:
– Quickly and easily build a professional website for your tour operator or travel agency;
– Create your own professional tour operator and travel agency website within 5 minutes, just like, Agoda,, Airbnb etc.
– Build your own online tour business and make money online by selling your tours worldwide with any payment of WooCommerce.


Show Hotel Locations Grid

[hotel_locations ids="1,2,3..."]

Show Tour Destination Grid

[tour_destinations ids="1,2,3..."]

Show Recent Hotel Slider:

- title : Title of the section
-  subtitle : Subtitle Of the section
- count : How many Items will be show
- slidesToShow : How many items will be show per slide.

Show Recent Tour Slider:


Show search form:

[tf_search_form type="all"]
- all : Show all Post type search
- hotel : Show Hotel search
- tour : Show Tour search

Show search results page:


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Check out the demo

Premium Support

We provide full support on the forums. In addition, please feel free to post questions or bug reports through our Facebook group or Our Website. However, please note that, for free versionโ€™s support/replies, there can be delays upto 24-48 hours. So, if you need urgent support, we recommend purchasing Pro Version.

Privacy Policy :

This plugin doesnโ€™t collect/store any user related information.


The icon and banner used on this plugin are taken from Icons8 and Freepik

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This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Travel and Hotel Booking Solution for WooCommerce - Tourfic


  1. Download and unzip the plugin. Upload the unzipped folder to the wp-contents/plugins folder of your WordPress installation.
  2. Active the plugin from the WordPress Plugins administration page.
  3. OR, Go to WP admin panel, click ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add new’. In the search input box, type ‘Ultimate Addons for Contact form 7’.
  4. Install and activate the plugin.
  5. Check our youtube video for further instruction


What is Tourfic?

Tourfic is the ultimate WordPress travel plugin for hotel booking, tour operator and travel agency websites.

How to install Tourfic?

See the installation tab.

Is Free version fully free or there is a gap?

Yes, Tourfic is fully free which is available on This free version will always be free. It also has a pro version (under development) with additional features which you can purchase from our official website.

Can I create a website similar to with Tourfic?

Yes, You create your own professional tour operator and travel agency website within 5 minutes, just like, Agoda,, Airbnb etc.

Is free version supported?

Yes, We provide full support on the forums. You can also post questions or bug reports through our Facebook group! or our website. However, please note that, for free version’s support/replies, there can be delays upto 24-48 hours.


June 27, 2022
I recommend this plugin, perfect technical service at all times answering. Very happy
March 31, 2022
After looking for so many pluggins for my travel agency, and after trying a few solutions, I decided to go for this plugin from TOURFIC. It solved my needs plus they are improving the plugin with new features and options which is positive and makes the plugin better. I wish they keep improving it and making it better in order to be the first travel pluggin in wordpress. PS: They are very kind solving issues and answering your requests.
November 25, 2021
I like how lightweight and straightforward the plugin is. Nowadays, most of the directory and travel booking solutions are mostly bloated with unnecessary features. And that's what makes Tourfic Unique. A couple of Recommendations: * They should keep everything in one menu ( Tourfic & Tours should be under one menu item). * Making the onboarding setup wizard should complete the setup instead of me looking at the docs or figuring out how to use it.
June 19, 2021
This plugin is one of a kind. I've been looking for a similar hotel/booking plugin for a while, but didn't find a good enough one. But this one is way better than the rest. Hopefully the developers will maintain the plugin on a regular basis. Kudos to them for all the current and upcoming features.
Read all 8 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Travel and Hotel Booking Solution for WooCommerce – Tourfic” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.7.3 – 08/08/2022

  • Fixed: Responsive issue on tour
  • Fixed: Review validation message issue fixed on tours
  • Fixed: Review validation message issue fixed on hotels
  • Fixed: Tour Booking validation issue
  • Added: Linkedin and Pinterest share option
  • Added: Feature image required hotel and tours

2.7.2 – 23/07/2022

  • Fixed: Per night pricing calculation
  • Fixed: Tour Search from responsive issue fixed
  • Fixed: Pricing details cart and checkout
  • Added: Documentation link added to menu edit post widgets
  • Fixed: Partial payment notification (Pro)
  • Added: Hotel Single Room gallery (Pro)

2.7.1 – 10/07/2022

  • Critical Fixed: Hotel Pricing calculation issue.
  • Added: Calendar translation strings
  • Fixed: Calendar date selection issue
  • Updated: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 6.6.1

2.6 – 22/06/2022

  • Critical Fixed: Hotel template path issue.
  • Added: You can set tour adult, child, infant price to no price using 00 in the field.
  • Fixed: Minor CSS z-index issue.

2.5 – 15/06/2022

  • Added: Multiply hotel room pricing by night
  • Improved: Hotel/tour will be directly added to the WooCommerce cart/checkout
  • Removed: Dependency on WooCommerce products. No product will be created for hotel/tour booking.
  • Improved: All icons replaced with FontAwesome icons
  • Fixed: Single tour pricing display issue
  • Fixed: Several conditional bugs
  • Updated: Several translation strings
  • Removed: Some deprecated functions
  • Fixed: Some CSS bugs
  • Fixed: Elementor widget bugs

2.4 – 21/05/2022

  • Critical: Fixed – Global settings were not saving
  • Updated: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 6.5.1

2.3 – 28/04/2022

  • Added + Improved: 6 Elementor widgets
  • Added: Adult, children, infant prices will be shown on the single tour page
  • Added: Flatpickr calendar translations – Arabic, Bengali, German, Spanish (Spain), French (France), Hindi, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese (China)
  • Fixed: Some shortcodes layouts & design
  • Fixed: Tour booking when group price is selected
  • Fixed: Cart Items will have hotels/tours URL
  • Fixed: Disable review section will also disable average review from showing on the single tour page
  • Improved: Placement change & design improved of average review rating on the single tour page
  • Improved: Order meta field label on thank you page and order details page
  • Updated: Flatpickr

2.2 – 27/04/2022

  • Improved: Whole review system
  • Improved: Review frontend layout & design
  • Added: Auto publish review option
  • Added: Change review base rating to 5/10 star
  • Removed: Comments enable/disable don’t control the review system
  • Fixed: Tour time validation check – 29/03/2022

  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with latest Elementor

2.1.1 – 28/03/2022

  • Added: Tour location is required warning on tour publish/edit page.
  • Added: Permalink settings page on Global settings section
  • Fixed: Tour booking issue
  • Fixed: Tour description visibility issue
  • Fixed: Single tour hero section background position and size.
  • Fixed: Hotel room availability based on person number
  • Fixed: Hotel booking calendar minimum date set to today date
  • Fixed: Tour and hotel permalink structure
  • Fixed: Tour and hotel’s terms and conditions auto paragraph issue
  • Fixed: Compatible issue with Twenty Twenty Two theme
  • Fixed: PHP variable error while booking through WooCommerce
  • Removed: Hotel gallery thumbnails

2.1.0 – 18/03/2022

  • Added: New Feature “Wishlist”
  • Added: New options for global settings
  • Added: New options for hotels
  • Added: New options for tours
  • Added: You can now disable specific services which you don’t want from the option panel
  • Added: Several filter hooks
  • Added: Permalink options added on permalink settings
  • Added: You can now choose the FontAwesome icon as the hotel feature icon with one click
  • Added: New shortcodes with backward compatibility
  • Changed: Now for the free version “tour availability” is set to “Continuous type” instead of “Fixed type”.
  • Removed: Tour feature taxonomy
  • Removed: Unnecessary libraries & codes
  • Fixed: T&C are now showing on the single tour page
  • Fixed: Now related tours are shown based on destination
  • Fixed: Hotel & tour gallery popup responsive issues
  • Fixed: Translation issues
  • Updated: Calendar library replaced with flatpickr
  • Updated: Popup library replaced with Fancybox
  • Updated: Carousel library replaced with Slick
  • Updated: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 6.3.1
  • Improved: Hotel options panel
  • Improved: Hotel Booking UI
  • Improved: Search system and results
  • Improved: Coding structure
  • Improved: All the logic used in the plugin
  • Improved: All the conditional options

2.0.5 – 14/3/2022

  • Fixed: Some bugs
  • Critical Update: Preparation for next big release (This update is required)

2.0.4 – 22/2/2022

  • Fixed: Minor CSS issues
  • Updated: Compatibility check with WordPress 5.9
  • Updated: Compatibility check with WooCommerce 6.1.1

2.0.3 – 14/1/2022

  • Updated: Options Panel Description
  • Fixed: Options Panel Bug

2.0.2 – 12/1/2022

  • Fixed: CSS Issues on Single Tours
  • Fixed: Single Tour page Markup
  • Added Heading for Single Tours
  • Compatibility with Tourfic Pro

2.0.1 – 7/1/2022

  • Updated Preview URL
  • WordPress 5.8.3 Compatiblity Check
  • Fixed a Div Bug

2.0.0 – 4/1/2022

  • Introducing: tour post types
  • Added Tour single page
  • Added Tour Booking
  • Added tour in the search box
  • Modified Searchbox shortcode
  • Fixed Hotel single page layout

1.7.3 – 18/12/2021

  • WooCommerce 6.0.0 Compatiblity Check

1.7.2 – 01/12/2021

  • WooCommerce 5.9.0 Compatiblity Check
  • WordPress 5.8.2 Compatiblity Check

1.7.1 – 24/10/2021

  • WooCommerce 5.8.0 Compatiblity Check
  • WordPress 5.8.1 Compatiblity Check

1.7.0 – 23/09/2021

  • Added Codestar Framework
  • Removed Redux Framework

1.1.6 – 15/08/2021

  • Compress file size
  • Optimized redux framwork
  • Elementor Pro conflict issue fixed

1.1.5 – 15/08/2021

  • WooCommerce 5.5.2 Compatiblity Check

1.1.4 – 23/07/2021

  • WordPress 5.8 Compatiblity Check
  • WooCommerce 5.5.1 Compatiblity Check

1.1.3 – 27/06/2021

  • Elementor compatibilty check
  • Elementor tour slider extention added
  • Elementor destination extention added
  • Elementor search extention added

1.1.2 – 27/06/2021

  • Feature List added
  • Feature icon added
  • Hotel features added in the single hotel page

1.1.1 – 16/06/2021

  • Lightbox issue Fixed on Single Tour Gallery
  • Elementor Compatiblity Check
  • Slick Slider Margin Issue Fixed on Single Tour Gallery
  • Astra theme Compatiblity Check

1.1.0 – 15/06/2021

  • Added Lightbox on Single Tour Gallery
  • WooCommerce 5.4.1 Compatiblity Check

1.0.46 – 27/04/2021

  • WordPress 5.7.2 Compatiblity Check
  • WooCommerce 5.2.2 Compatiblity Check

1.0.45 – 27/04/2021

  • Fixed Checkin-Checkout date issue

1.0.44 – 22/04/2021

  • Fixed Responsive Issue

1.0.43 – 17/04/2021

  • Fixed a Security Issue

1.0.42 – 15/04/2021

  • WordPress 5.7.1 Compatiblity Check
  • WooCommerce 5.2.1 Compatiblity Check
  • Added Autocomplete on search bar
  • Fixed Search bar responsive issues
  • Fixed Checkin-Checkout Date issue

1.0.0 – 23/03/2021

  • Initial stable release