InstaWP Connect – 1-click WP Staging & Migration (beta)


InstaWP allows you to create WordPress websites for testing, development and staging with seconds. Using this companion plugin you can connect your existing WordPress sites anywhere on the internet to your InstaWP. After your site is connected, you can create 1-click staging websites from within the WP admin panel.


  • All staging websites are created on InstaWP, so zero mess in your hosting account.
  • Auto login to your Connected sites from InstaWP (
  • Heartbeat from your Connected sites keeps you updates on site health.
  • Basic site information shown inside InstaWP (coming soon..).
  • 2 way push from staging to prod and vice versa. (Iterative sync coming soon..).

What is InstaWP?

InstaWP is an online WordPress development environment to get you started with a new WP site within seconds. You can get a free account here – Key features include:

  • Instant site creation.
  • Code Editor, DB Editor and Logs viewer.
  • Magic login to WP admin panel.
  • Migrate to any hosting provider.
  • Access SFTP/SSH (pro).
  • Map custom domain (pro).
  • Save as template, snapshot of site.
  • Shared templates for public sandbox.
  • Invite team members (pro).
  • Git integration and Github actions support.
  • Preset configurations.
  • 3rd party services integrations.


  • Staging Process - Select Staging Type.
  • Staging Process - Select Options.
  • Staging Process - Confirm Selection.
  • Staging Process - Monitor Progress.
  • All Staging Sites
  • Update API Key and Settings.


  1. Generate a new API key from your InstaWP Account from
  2. Paste the key into the InstaWP Connect Settings.
  3. Go to “Create New” and connect the InstaWP Connect to the cloud.
  4. Now enjoy creating staging websites.
  5. Go to to see list of all your connected sites.


November 4, 2022 1 reply
I've been using InstaWP for several months now... My initial experience using this plugin. 1. I don't remember if I had to login to my existing InstaWP account to generate the API. That said, when the test site was created, it showed up in my InstaWP dashboard - if I had not logged in, this is pure magic ! 2. Backing up my localserver site (I'm using Xamp, php 7.4), uploading the files and setting up the server took about 10 minutes, this will depend on the site size, and your internet connection, in my case, the site was probably between 150 - 200MB, so 10 minutes to do all that, is pretty good I suppose. 3. Now the issue I encountered which was easy to fix, but InstaWP should do this, so people with less experience would not be put off. For the record, I was using my own home made HYBRID FSE theme (hybrid, because I have restored the Original Widget Screen, The Menu screen and the Theme Customizer), ACF Pro (latest version) and 13 other various plugins, including the free version of Max Mega Menu. So the FSE theme is not using the Navigation block but a menu created with Max Mega Menu. NOW, the site loaded fine, the home page loaded perfectly, but none of the menu items were working, I was getting a 404 error. The fix was simple, all I had to do was to flush the permalinks, and all was fine. I gave all the above details so for you to know if a plugin was the cause of this, or we need to flush the permalinks every time we create a test site with this plugin. For the record, manually deploying a test site from the InstaWP dashboard this never happens. Overall, this plugin at least for me is a God sent - thank you very much, you guys a simply amazing, in the near future I will change from a free user to a paid one, and even though I was debating it, this plugin is pushing me over the line and paying for it... Nick.
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Contributors & Developers

“InstaWP Connect – 1-click WP Staging & Migration (beta)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial release of the plugin.


  • Major bug fixes and quick backup option.

  • Still in beta version, but more stable
  • 2 way Sync option enabled (from staging to prod)
  • Many bug fixes

  • 11/04/2023 – NEW – Parallel approaches for site migration.
  • 11/04/2023 – Improved performance and updated user interface.
  • 11/04/2023 – FIX – Many bug fixes.

  • 11/04/2023 – NEW – Added plugin reset functionality.

  • 13/04/2023 – UPDATE – Heartbeat interval default changed to 15 minutes.
  • 13/04/2023 – UPDATE – API key manual input allowed in the settings page.
  • 13/04/2023 – FIX – API key is not setting properly after returning from auth screen.

  • 18/04/2023 – FIX – Fix many errors while restoring process.

  • 28/04/2023 – UPDATE – Improve calculating migration progress status.

  • 11/05/2023 – FIX – Wizard Mode Migration is now updated.
  • 11/05/2023 – FIX – Migration Process errors fixed, migration is now more stable.
  • 15/05/2023 – FIX – Added Migration Status Timelapsed.

  • 24/05/2023 – FIX – Wizard Mode Migration errors fixed.

  • 30/05/2023 – NEW – New user interface of the plugin.
  • 30/05/2023 – FIX – Fix many errors in the migration process.
  • 30/05/2023 – FIX – Fix migration issues on staging to production flow.

  • 31/05/2023 – FIX – Fix some migration issues on staging to production flow.